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Learn the Art of Strategy in the least amount of time by studying the Masters!

Serious Game Players put their heart and soul into learning how to compete. There are universal Life Lessons that anyone can learn from Chess, and this Free EBook teaches the Art of Strategy as taught by the world’s foremost strategists and grandmasters.

McNairy_Chess cover 4 sign upThe 400 Best Chess & Strategy Quotes of All Time is a chess book without a single diagram, written so clearly and universally that even a person focused solely on business and nothing else will understand and benefit from it.

There are several key take-aways from the Life Strategic’s Book of Quotes:

  • An improved chess game along with improved business acumen.
  • A fully developed framework for critical thinking taken from both chess and war, ancient and modern.
  • Practical tactics gleaned from strategic principles for the daily grinder and the weekend warrior alike.
  • Becoming a more highly skilled player in the “game” of life.

Every chapter is artistically outlined to deliver specific thinking and chess principles. This Free Chess EBook solves the different relations of Strategy in every area of Life.

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The Life Strategic Book contains:

  • A savvy arrangement combined with a stream of the world’s most capable and strategic minds. A clear and concise application of strategy in day-to-day life.
  • Practical theories are presented – proven to be applicable in chess and war.
  • Metaphorical and deep thought on life and love, business and games, and how to approach any undertaking you may be set yourself to.
  • Universal truths and strategic ideas as the Masters themselves have revealed, in their own words.

From Pro to Novice, chess players of all stripes can better their strategic skills.

The book is an organized lesson in strategy, and how it can be applied in chess, war, business and life.


Testimonials for The Book:

  • “I wanted to read this book to improve my chess game. What I found was a way to improve my business skills. It helped me develop a framework for thinking. Not just for chess, but for business strategies.”
  • “I found myself thinking deeply and metaphorically about the ‘board’ (the market, points of weakness and strength), the ‘pieces’ (my skills and talents), and my ‘opponents’ (internal and external).”

I encourage you to download The 400 Best Chess & Strategy Quotes – it has been a labor of love for me, and I am sure it will enrich your pursuit of life like chess has mine.

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