What we’re about!

If you have ever asked yourself

  • “What is the difference between Tactics and Strategy?”
  • or “How can I achieve my Lifestyle Goals?”
  • or “Is gaming a good analogy for Business, Health, and Romance?”
  • or “What is a unique Skill of all Successful People that I can actually learn quickly?”

Then you’ll find the answers here! We write about how learning and playing Chess can teach you the Universal Art of Strategy; a skill you can apply to any undertaking in life.  Whether it’s planning, visualization, or tactical considerations like what to say in a negotiation, Chess skills applied broadly can direct you to solid solutions and methods of organization.

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There ARE universal laws to achievement,

…but they are often hidden by the daily grind. We have chosen Chess as our metaphor because it is a world-wide game capable of being played at so many levels, by young and old, handicapped and healthy, boys, girls, and men and women of every nationality, color and creed.

That, and some of the greatest chess players of all time were mortals who got there by gut and determination, not by innate talent.

Goals take STRATEGY. And our goal is to teach it.

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