The Ultimate Truth of Chess

chess-400283_640 CC 0 photo from Pixabay courtesy of Roark - edited

“We are in truth but pieces on this chess board of life, which in the end we leave, only to drop one by one into the grave of nothingness.” (c 1120) – Omar Khayyam

In Chess you are always reaching. If you spectacularly won your last game, the rush only lasts until you wonder how to improve it. The search is pressing for the dedicated player; the search for a better end-game, a better opening or middle. You want the Truth of Chess. It may ever be “the next thing,” but we keep looking knowing the Search itself is what is important.

“No fantasy, however rich, no technique, however masterly, no penetration into the psychology of the opponent, however deep, can make a chess game a work of art, if these qualities do not lead to the main goal – the search for truth.” – Vasily Smyslov

Chess players can lie to themselves. They can tell themselves they are better than their opponents, but it is a lie – there is always someone better, and anyone can win on any given day. They may come up with an excuses for their losses, but the next time they play that opponent it is likely they will lose again because they were not honest.

Honesty means you can eventually grow out of your limitations.

The truth is equally important in life. Lies and hypocrisy are unsustainable. If you live your life on lies and half-truths everything will eventually come crashing down. You have to constantly remember who you told what lie to, and things get increasingly complicated after that.

Even if you would be able to sustain a life of lies, it would be lonely. People would suspect you, there would be no trust, and true friendship would become impossible. Serious relationships do not stay together when built on lies.

“On the chessboard lies and hypocrisy do not last long.” – Emanuel Lasker

Regardless of your journey, looking for and living the truth is always the most efficient route. Your conscience is clear and you can move forward and enjoy your time on whatever chessboard you play. Look ahead. Recognize and appreciate the truth wherever you find it. Truth resolves the doubts life brings us, and enables spiritual and intellectual growth.

Whether playing White or Black, only Truth wins.


image: chess – Creative Commons 0.0 photo from Pixabay courtesy of Roark – edited

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